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Parallel parking


Stop within demarcated area to parking bay.

Apply handbrake

Select Neutral

Check review Mirror(s) and appropriate blind spot


Select Gear

Obtain clutch Control


Release Handbrake

Move off

Check Blindspot to the right/left (depending on the directionparking from) before car changes directions

Steer into parking bay without touching poles or kerb

Counter steer if a second movement forward is required

Stop car within the demarcated area

Apply handbrake

Select Neutral

Cancel signal


(a) only 3 movement will be permissible – that is, a reverse movement into the bay and 2 further movements to position the car in the bay

(b) You will be allowed a second anattempt if you did not bump any poles or the kurb

(c) Stopping at any stage is permissible

(d) The number of movements to leave the bay will be unlimIted

(e) Observation must be done every time before moving off

(f) Counter steering must be applied whilst parallel parking